Some Hard Knocks, But FEARLESS We Rise!

After a crazy successful album release, and 2016 as our best year by far, 2017 opened with some serious challenges and heartbreak for us as a band:

-At the end of 2016 we were told that we would be going on tour with the FAST growing and hugely successful band STARSET. We were supposed to do 25 dates all over the country, but come January, this fell through.
-At the end of February, our drummer Jake announced his intent to move on from Cross the Divide.

These two things caused us to have to regroup a bit, and you may have noticed, we’ve been quiet on social media, but…


We are planning a big tour for the fall, Chase and I (Zac) will be heading down to Nashville in May for a a huge networking opportunity, and music conference to help spread our music, we will be releasing another single for nationwide airplay, and tomorrow we will be selecting the drummer we will work with for the foreseeable future!

Cross the Divide will carry on, and we will have new music, new show locations, and more to come. 2017 will be GREAT!

Like a phoenix, we will rise from the ashes to the skies.
The firelight that purifies will burn us into life.

We’ll see you out there! More soon!

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