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Cross the Divide: On the Edge
Cross the Divide: Wreck Ignition


We're at it again folks. Last year, you sent us to play UPROAR festival and we're still waiting to find out about the full tour for that this year. (THANK YOU AGAIN!) NOW we're competing for a spot on WARPED Tour in Mansfield, MA on July 14th. You can support us by sharing this link: on social media.

Chase is a Warwick Bass Endorser!

We are proud to announce, that Chase has landed an endorsement deal with Warwick Basses!

Chase recently acquired a Warwick Thumb NT 5 String (2014 German Custom) in Burgundy Red! This was an expansion to his collection of Warwick equipment which already included a Warwick Rockbass Vampyre 5 String (2003 Korean) and his amp: a Warwick WA600 Head paired with the Warwick WCA 410 Cabinet.

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