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"On The Edge" NOW AVAILABLE! & Be the Tree - Music Video!!

Our NEW EP "On the Edge" is now available for FREE online streaming!

To purchase downloads or a physical copy of "On the Edge" please visit:


Our first-ever MUSIC VIDEO. Now on Youtube. Enjoy!

On The Edge - EP Coming SOON!

EP Cover
We are proud to announce, that our upcoming EP "On the Edge" will be released online on 11/12/13! And Here is the EP Cover for your viewing pleasure.

Fan Question Interview Video!

We want to do a FAN QUESTION INTERVIEW VIDEO!! Ask anything you want to know about Cross the Divide and its members.

Be funny, be deep, be rude if you want, ASK WHATEVER YOU WANT. We will answer anything on ANY topic you ask us about.
We will pick 15-20 Questions to answer on camera, so we need at least 20.

You can email us your question here using the contact page, or you can send us your question on any of our other pages!

ALSO: tell your friends to ask us something!

In the Shadow (Solo) Video!

You guys have been asked us for videos, and WE DELIVERED.
Check out this video of Zac performing the solo from In the Shadow!

Wreck Ignition - BOOK!!

As a partner to our album, we've written a book to give some insight about the songs!

"Wreck Ignition: The Story Behind the Songs"
is now available on or!!